I’ve always known that I could “turn a phrase” and that the creative domain was where I belonged. It was just that I couldn’t figure out how to leap into this unknown and earn a living.

     As fate would have it I became a counselor. Like a bee in a flowery meadow I buzzed from job setting to job setting: technical school, community college, high school, drug rehab, and last of all, a school for expelled youngsters. The years turned and I accrued enough tenure to retire. Off-hours I wrote short stories, children’s stories, a southern gothic novel, and a creative nonfiction piece titled Oh, Nelly! And then there is the ongoing, often inane travel blog: eggontherun.blogspot.com written on an iPhone.

     Stemming from a sample of my writing I was awarded a North Carolina Arts Council Writers’ Fellowship. This was the “shot in the arm” I needed. Obviously it was time to publish something and I selected Oh, Nelly! I hope you enjoy the read. I welcome any comments. Contact me at kcidlladnar@gmail.com.

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